Paper based workflows

In today’s technology-obsessed society, our lives are increasingly going digital. With more and more of our personal lives being conducted on smart phones and other electronic devices, most of the business world is now conducted online too. But paperless document management isn’t just essential for keeping up with the rest of the world, it could also be highly beneficial to your business in several other ways.

So, let’s look at the benefits of digital information management for small and large businesses.

It saves you money

From the cost of consumables like paper and ink and storage costs for old paperwork to the maintenance and replacement of large office equipment like printers, copiers and fax machines, going paperless reduces your office and company spending dramatically.

It saves you time

Electronic data management allows you to locate and retrieve documents and information much faster than by searching through endless boxes. Correspondence with clients and customers via email is also faster and more efficient than sending letters. Deals are done faster and projects are completed quicker with paperless solutions. This saves you time, and ultimately saves even more money.

It gives you a safety net

If you lose or misplace a piece of paper, it’s gone forever. But with digital document management solutions, you have multiple back-ups of all your vital information on things like flash drives, the cloud and external hard drives. With the right systems in place, this can all happen automatically, reducing risks by minimising any margin for human error.

It’s good for your image

Today’s average consumer is very concerned about environmental sustainability and will actively seek out and support a company or supplier who prioritises the environment in their day to day operations.

A paperless operation is great for environmental sustainability. It not only eliminates the use of paper but also reduces energy consumption in the form of printers and copiers. Going paperless therefore not only reduces your impact on the planet but is also a fantastic PR opportunity that could elevate your brand and gain you new customers.

It opens up a lot of space

Storing all of your information electronically and removing all paper from the office will create an unbelievable amount of space. So as your business grows and you need more desk space, you can utilise the old filing room instead of having to find a bigger office.

The next step

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