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We all know Germany is rich in history with towns where streets were laid out by the Romans, but it is also now attracting new titles such as Europe’s ‘coolest’ cities, and with new immigration discussion regarding increasing opportunities for foreign skilled workers, this may make the perfect combination for your next long distance move.

German officials are proposing a new approach to their immigration system in attempts to attract more skilled workers to fulfil a growing demand in their market.

Germany is facing an aging population dilemma with a change in demographics resulting in more people leaving the workforce, than there are skilled workers coming in. Additionally Germany has one of the world’s lowest population replacement rates thus creating a shortage of skilled labour.

The proposed immigration scheme, to attract skilled labour, adopts a similar approach to Canada. The Canada immigration structure is based on a scoring system that assess candidates professional and language skills to determine if skilled foreign nationals qualify for work and residency permits.

While the discussions regarding Germany’s immigration may still be in early days; Grace is here to assist you with your next international removal regardless of destination.