Efficient document management for every workstation

GDO integrates ECM functions with the standard Microsoft Office programs Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, as well as with Windows Explorer. Users benefit from powerful document management and archiving functions in their familiar working environment.

Enhanced functions for Microsoft Office programs

Transfer Microsoft Office documents straight to the GDO repository, ensuring that all colleagues with the necessary permissions have access to a central document. The document is checked out for editing, so it is always clear who is currently working on it. Versioned filing ensures users can keep track of who has made changes to documents, keeping processes transparent. In addition to conventional Document Management System functions, the GDO Client for Microsoft Office offers comprehensive search functions. The wide range of filters helps users to quickly find all relevant documents in the GDO repository without disrupting the usual workflow. To top it off, users can continue working in their familiar programs

Integration in Microsoft Outlook

The GDO Client for Microsoft Outlook offers the same functions as in the GDO Client for Microsoft Office. Document management and e-mail management all-in-one: Microsoft Outlook is directly linked to the GDO repository, allowing users to file e-mails from Microsoft Outlook to the GDO repository either manually with drag-and-drop or automatically. The client also features an integrated document preview function. And, thanks to the comprehensive search options at hand, users find the documents they need quickly and easily.


  • Full integration of GDO into Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Office has direct access to documents in the GDO repository
  • GDO functions integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Office
  • Changes to documents are logged in a version history
  • Powerful search functions
  • GDO feed for creating comments and tracking document changes


You can find more information on Grace Digital Office on our GDO website.