The ECM app GDO for Mobile Devices provides access to the GDO repository and basic ECM functions on a smartphone or tablet, enabling you to do work while you are on the go. What is more, the app features various options for interaction, such as communication via the GDO feed, or starting and forwarding workflows. You can also create documents in external applications (e.g. Microsoft Word) on a mobile device and upload them to the GDO repository without leaving your main workspace. The offline functionality of the app provides access to documents even without an Internet connection. GDO for Mobile Devices is designed for use on Android and iOS mobile platforms.

GDO for Mobile Devices at a glance

  • Start, edit, and forward workflows
  • File new documents while out of the office
  • Work with third-party applications, e.g. Microsoft Office apps
  • Fast iSearch technology
  • Send documents via an GDO link or e-mail, or as an attachment
  • Access all relevant documents
  • Take part in document-based discussions on the GDO feed
  • Capture and access documents offline
  • Available for iOS and Android


You can find more information on Grace Digital Office on our GDO website.