The GDO ECM Suite — Grace Digital Office powered by ELO — provides an end-to-end solution for capturing, managing and archiving all information in a company. Users with the appropriate authorisation have access to the company’s entire knowledge resources in a single, central location, while intelligent search functions ensure that they find the information they need in an instant. And, thanks, to the intelligent ELO Analytics component, users with the appropriate permissions have an at-a-glance view of data and information stored in ELO.

The GDO ECM Suite supports business processes thanks to sophisticated workflow elements. Not only are workflows adaptable, but employees can track all actions at every step. It is also possible to integrate third-party systems and retrieve data from external applications, such as an ERP system. As a result, processes take less time to complete, improving efficiency and productivity.

In addition, the GDO ECM Suite facilitates teamwork thanks to various collaboration tools, such as the ELO feed, which allows employees to participate in document-based discussions. Users can also create polls on topics of choice. This feature makes it easier to share information and at the same time increases transparency, since those collaborating on the document can see who has made changes. My ELO is an information hub that users can personalise, giving them a quick overview of relevant information and pending tasks. The hashtags most frequently used in the ELO feed are visualised in a tag cloud.

The GDO ECM Suite offers numerous functions for storing data in line with retention requirements and, thanks to ELO, compliance with GDPR.

The ELO for Mobile Devices app provides users with access to the GDO ECM Suite from a smartphone or tablet, enabling them to retrieve important data and perform routine tasks outside of the office.

GDO offers a range of modules, interfaces and solutions to enhance and extend the functionalities of the GDO ECM Suite according to your individual requirements, such as for e-mail management, invoice management, or contract management. The portfolio of GDO Business Solutions, a range of standardised applications for different business scenarios, is being developed continually. And, thanks to our multi-client strategy, GDO offers the right product for every scenario.

The GDO server components run on the operating systems Windows and Linux, whereas the clients run on Windows and macOS.

You can find more information on Grace Digital Office on our GDO website.