Digital Mailroom Solutions Grace Digital Office

Grace Information Management has hit the ground running following the release of our Grace Digital Office (GDO) business solutions, powered by ELO. Providing a comprehensive suite of digital tools to streamline your record management processes, our ready to use applications are adaptable to meet your individual requirements.

From invoice management through to visitor management, GDO spans a range of business functions. Our range of human resources modules make your employee management stress free, and our digital mailroom provides a clean correspondence management system.

GDO Digital Mailroom allows you to manage and automate the classification of incoming documents and correspondence (paper and emails) without pre-sorting. It automatically captures accurate, relevant and validated metadata for ease of access and retrieval, with all documents and data formatted according to your business rules and filed within your secure and compliance Grace Digital Office.

Our Digital Mailroom’s strength comes from its capacity to validate data from incoming correspondence against your existing system data and enrich the information received. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies allows for data capture and classification to become further automated. While built in workflows notify actioning officers or groups to begin relevant processes as necessary.

Through the use of common connectors and Grace Digital Office’s open architecture, the processed items can also be registered into existing leading Enterprise Content Management Systems. The adaptability of GDO is augmented by our ability to integrate with third party systems, providing a truly bespoke solution.

GDO Digital Mailroom at a glance

  • Custom solution designed for your needs
  • Automatic document classification and data extraction
  • Built-in workflows for business process optimisation


You can find more information on Grace Digital Mailroom here.