Open office

The corporate world is increasingly embracing flexible working stations in a move to make employee’s work environment one they can thrive in. Contemporary life in Australia now requires long periods of sitting down, whether it’s at work or on the commute to and from work. The issues surrounding such a sedentary lifestyle is the subject of a range of scientific and health studies, all of which identify health complications and increased risk of back and neck pain, reduced concentration and general muscle soreness as a reality for many employees.

Healthy office workstations

Many Australian employers have identified the need to reduce their employee’s sick days and improve health and productivity by changing their workstations. One of the most common progressions in this area is the introduction of stand workstations, giving employees the choice to sit or stand behind their desk.

A standing desk encourages employees to get on their feet more often. Coca-Cola Australia introduced standing desks into their North Sydney, NSW office in 2013 due to popular demand, and they continue to be warmly received by staff.

Hot desking

In recent years there has also been a rise in the popularity of hot desking. The approach allows employees to sit wherever they want. The idea behind hot desking is that it promotes greater efficiency and teamwork within the office. In Australia, many companies were quick to jump on the bandwagon, including Macquarie Bank, Microsoft, GPT Group Goodman and the Commonwealth Bank.

The trend, however, doesn’t sit well with all employees who can feel like there’s no personal space they can call their own. Employees may not appreciate having to pack up their things at the end of each day, and it may cause them to waste more time searching for a desk and setting up again each morning.

Open plan office

Open plan offices are the most popular layout design of offices around the world. According to a Stockholm University study, nine out of ten offices use an open floor plan. This year, Forbes published an article which placed flexible office spaces as a bigger priority for corporate Australian offices, putting it above the complicated open office plans.

The cubicle was created as an antidote to the open office floor plans in the 1950s and given its ability to give employees the choice to sit or stand as they work in privacy, it looks like it might be due for a comeback. Read more about the rise and potential fall of the open plan office in our blog Is the Open Plan Office Dead?

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