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We can assist you with insurance options to meet your needs while your collection is in transit or in storage.

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Art & Antique Insurance

At Grace, we focus on the minimisation of damage during the relocation process. However, while your goods are in transit or storage, they may be exposed to risks outside our control. Arrange comprehensive transit and storage insurance to safeguard your fine art and antiques.

Safety with Grace Fine Art

Grace is one of Australia’s leading providers of fine art transportation. We work with leading galleries and avid art collectors across Australia and New Zealand.

Our specialist art division is highly experienced in the transportation and storage of paintings, delicate ceramics, antiques, sculptures and valuable items.

Temperature, humidity and light can cause irreversible damage to your fine art pieces. Hence, our staff know how to prepare and protect any piece or collection from harmful environmental effects.

Fine Art Packing and Storage

With Grace, your valuable fine art pieces are kept in professional hands. We protect your art pieces using special packing equipment and customised packing crates.

Our specialised fleet of vehicles also protect your collection from any environmental damage. In addition, they will maintain your pieces in the best possible condition in transit.

We afford the highest level of protection for your collection in transit and storage. There are a number of steps to take to ensure your art and antiques are protected in these stages. As a result, we also provide high-quality storage solutions.

Our secure storage facilities feature:

  • 24/7 security systems
  • Restricted monitored access and entry
  • Storage insurance
  • Humidity and climate control options
  • Packing and crating services
  • Painting racks
  • Electronic inventory and tracking

Grace Fine Art International

Grace are a founding member of ICEFAT, the global association dedicated to promoting the highest standards of professionalism within our industry. Hence, we commit to excellence and continuity of care across every single fine art project. Grace also works with an exclusive group of global partners. From handling single artworks to large, complex touring exhibitions, you can trust Grace.

Safeguard Your Fine Art

Although we provide the highest level of care and protection for your fine art, some risks fall outside our control. Therefore, we can arrange comprehensive transit and storage insurance on your behalf for added security of your fine art. Speak to our consultants about our fine art and antique insurance options and safeguard your art.

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Quality Assurance, Accreditations & Industry Affiliations

  • Australian Antique and Art Dealers Association
  • International Convention of Exhibition & Fine Art Transport
  • FAIM Plus FIDI Accredited International Mover
  • FIDI Academy Platinum Award 2017
  • FIDI Membership
  • Australian Furniture Removers Association
  • Quality Assurance SAI Global ISO 9001
  • Health & Safety Assurance SAI Global AS 4801
  • Environment Assurance SAI Global ISO 14001
  • Health & Safety ISO 18001
  • Australian International Movers Association
  • International Association of Movers
  • Overseas Moving Network International
  • Latin American and Caribbean Movers Association
  • Professional Movers Association