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The Digital Clinic

The Business

The Eye & Laser Centre has been operating in its present location in Southport, Queensland since 2000, providing specialist procedures for all ages, including laser eye surgery, cataract surgery, lens replacement surgery and retinal treatments. Treatments are performed onsite at the clinic by one of five specialists supported by 15 staff.

The Challenge

It was a goal of the Eye & Laser Centre to be a digital clinic, to reduce the volume of paper generated and to make patient records immediately accessible when required. To achieve this, the
Centre commenced an in-house digitisation project, and, while it was a daunting task, it gave them an insight into the skills and equipment required, the time required and the logistics necessary
to make it an efficient operation.
The Centre was relocating within the same building and needed approximately 200 cartons of documents to be moved and stored while refurbishment and the relocation took place. During this time, the Centre discussed digitisation with Grace Information & Records Management (GIRM), as the Centre was aware of the services on offer.

It was primarily the size of the archive, accumulated since 1998, which was the driving factor to have GIRM take over the digitisation. The space required to house the archive was not practical and the ongoing rental of space was not seen as an option.
The goal was to have “A total patient picture, including investigations and laboratory results all immediately accessible to the practitioners” said Annie Howes, the Centre’s Business Manager and part owner.

The Process

The digitisation has been a smooth operation, made more so given the Eye & Laser Centre’s understanding of the process and all that is required.
All of the archive was collected and transported to Brisbane to a secure Grace facility for scanning by a Grace bureau. The whole process under the control of Grace personnel who all undergo
security screening.
GIRM staff are specifically trained to do the document preparation, scanning and indexing required, which are all components of this project. The documents are also earmarked for destruction by
GIRM at the appropriate time.

The Result

This is an ongoing project, with the desired outcome being achieved for the Centre. Annie Howes said: “She has no hesitation in recommending GIRM for this work. It has been excellent communication, we have been treated as individuals and they have worked according to our needs”. She added, “I couldn’t wish for a nicer group of people.”