EQ Media Case Study: Digitisation in the Production industry

EQ Media is a Sydney-based production company specialising in production creation and management. When the EQ Media team decided to relocate from two offices to a single, smaller workplace they wanted to make changes to the way they handle their paper records, their key goals include:

  • A paper light initiative
  • A secure and appropriate storage solution to store their paper records
  • The ability to find and access relevant document from their database via search function

However, they faced numerous challenges in their new office including limited space to store paper documents such as financial and legal records, the existing off-site storage facility was not suitable to hold sensitive information as well as inconvenient and non-searchable paper records.

The Grace Digital Office team collaborated with the EQ media team to carry out a digitisation project, where all records were securely transported to a Grace facility for digitisation. This process consists of:

  • Point-to-point secure chain of custody transportation of records from EQ Media to Grace
  • Urgent file processing as required
  • Document scanning and quality
  • OCR treatment – Text searchability
  • Scanned images and metadata returned to EQ Media via an encrypted hard drive

Our Case Study explores the challenges many corporations faced when they decide to downsize and/or relocate to a new location. To read the project in detail, download the project sheet here.

To find out how Grace Digital Office can help you transform your paper records into convenient, searchable and secure digital copies, call us on 1300 168 358 or fill in a quote.

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