Grace Digital Office – the ELO powered ECM solution for large companies and corporations – is compatible with all systems and guarantees unlimited access to information throughout its entire life cycle. High-performance, scalable components can easily manage large volumes of data. Seamless integration with other business applications, such as ERP software, and the intelligent analysis component ELO Analytics, ensure access to information across multiple systems. Grace Digital Office also offers numerous functions for storing data in line with retention requirements and and thanks to ELO, compliance with GDPR.

Enterprise Content Management

The platform-independent, highly scalable, multi-tenant capable solution enables companies to efficiently manage information and reduce paper use and storage costs. Offering high performance and a wide range of functions, Grace Digital Office is ideal for meeting the demanding tasks of large companies and corporations. Along with functions for capturing, searching for, and filing information, the ECM solution offers various configuration options. Through ELO, Grace Digital Office Office provides native integration with Microsoft Office applications, and it is also possible to seamlessly connect data from other applications, such as ERP systems. GDO Business Solutions – standardised, ready-to-use applications for a wide range of business scenarios, such as invoice management, contract management, or solutions for HR – can be integrated in Grace Digital Office as needed. Form-based workflows enable companies to map and automate business processes. And, thanks, to the intelligent ELO Analytics component, users with the appropriate permissions have an at-a-glance view of data and information stored in Grace Digital Office.

Grace Digital Office also offers numerous functions for storing data in line with retention requirements and through ELO, Grace Digital Office, in compliance with GDPR. As a central information platform, Grace Digital Office stores all of your company’s important business documents in one location that is accessible by all. Thanks to apps for iOS and Android, users can perform common work tasks on a smartphone or tablet while on the go. This essential tool enables employees to access documents, forward workflows, and use other basic functions, all without losing valuable time. Grace Digital Office also includes a variety of collaboration tools to support effective collaboration and communication among team members.

You can find more information on Grace Digital Office on our GDO website.