Enhancing Cost-Effectiveness with Better Information Management

For many businesses, information management solutions are a grudge purchase. This is largely due to the perception that third-party providers offer limited value for money. In actual fact, handling information in-house can ultimately cost organisations more, especially if they have limited resources to dedicate to efficient archiving and retrieval systems.

Internal information management systems are prone to costs associated with chaotic indexing, duplication, and compliance problems. Additionally, for institutions with limited floor space, in-house archives can end up costing many times what they would if stored off-site simply by virtue of the valuable real estate they occupy. A lack of internal resources can also make audits difficult, making archives much larger and more cumbersome than they need to be.

The comprehensive solutions provided by professional information management firms can help organisations cut costs dramatically. The best providers will often roll a low-cost audit into their archiving package, dramatically reducing storage fees by limiting the number of files eventually put into storage. They can also assess an organisation’s existing indexing systems, providing more efficient options if necessary — as well as computer interfaces that make searching faster and more intuitive. Overall, organisations engaging a third-party information management solution can expect to enjoy significant savings in terms of time, space and money.

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