Agility in information management

How Better Information Management Can Enhance Your Marketplace Agility

In a perpetually evolving marketplace, the ability to rapidly adapt to change is crucial to business success. This is especially important in the manufacturing and construction sectors where organisations need be constantly vigilant for scope creep and shifting project demands.

Information management is integral to agility because it is the pathway through which organisations learn about new developments and institute appropriate responses. Agility is about the ability to take action, whether that be to control cost overruns on a fast-moving building project, re-tool a production line according to an unexpected change in market demand, or rapidly reallocate human resources between worksites.

Many aspects of information management affect agility, from the quality of digitisation and indexing, to the ease of retrieval and destruction. When an organisation engages a professional information management solution, information is collected more efficiently, stored and indexed more intelligently, retrieved and delivered more rapidly, and can be shared instantaneously. Marketplace or scope changes are detected faster, and new instructions can be issued more effectively due to greater synchronicity between work units. Ultimately, businesses can expect to enjoy a significant boost to responsiveness and a corresponding increase in profitability.

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