Grace Information Management Blog

When your document is nearing the end of its lifecycle it is important to destroy information in a safe and secure manner to protect your organisations intellectual property and comply with legislative requirements.

Businesses churn out important and sensitive documents on a daily basis for a wide variety of purposes, and as with most things, these documents have a lifecycle and a time when it becomes less relevant. However this does not simply mean you just throw them in the rubbish bin and move on. Different government departments, corporations and NGO’s are obliged to maintain an accurate control over the destruction of sensitive information.

If your items are currently in storage or managed with Grace Information & Records Management, at one of our nationwide facilities, we will contact you seeking authorisation to securely destroy the items. This is one of the many benefits of having your records stored with Grace; we track your information lifecycle ensuring everything is up to date. The records will then be destroyed in compliance with ASIO Category 4 Schedule Destruction accreditation, and a Certificate of Destruction can be supplied upon request.

Grace can also complete scheduled and on-demand destructions if your records are not kept in our facilities. We will send out one of our Grace owned and operated fleet vehicles to either collect the item as a scheduled one-off, or supply a locked destruction bin, ongoing scheduled service. The process then follows on from above; destroying records in compliance with ASIO Category 4 accreditation and supplying a Certificate of Destruction upon request.

So if the end of your document lifecycle is closing in, contact Grace Information & Records Management and we can supply an ongoing scheduled or an on-demand destruction service.