There are more benefits to recycling your company’s e-waste than simply helping the environment. Australian businesses can reap the rewards of recycling their electronic waste in a number of ways, and that’s why Grace Information Management are helping businesses do so.

Conserve natural resources

By conserving natural resources, old electronics can be remade into new products. This in return helps save energy and reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. It also helps to conserve the earth’s natural resources which won’t have to be used to create new products.

Creates jobs

By choosing to recycle your company’s e-waste, you’re helping provide people with a job, ultimately benefiting the local economy. The local community also benefits when there is more access to a variety of employment opportunities.

Making a difference

Many people are self conscious when it comes to their impact on the environment. As a result, they choose to align themselves with a company who shares those values. Australian employees generally feel better working for a company who takes active steps towards recycling their workplace technology. Keep your employees happy and save the environment at the same time with e-waste recycling.

Save landfill

This is one of the most well documented benefits, but that doesn’t make it any less important to consider. E-waste recycling saves unnecessary dumps and landfills, helping to protect the natural environment from exposure to unnatural materials.


Old and unused electronics take up space in the back of cupboards or on desks and shelves. You might even have a storage room in your office that’s dedicated to housing unused electronics. Clean and declutter your office space by recycling the e-waste you’re holding on to. You’ll be able to provide your staff with a much nicer workspace and you’ll regain valuable floor and storage space for more important things.

Securing your business

Recycling e-waste is another, more beneficial process of destroying your electronics, safeguarding them from data security risks. Leaving your e-waste sitting around can put it in danger of data breaches. Instead of risking the security of your information, destroy and recycle your e-waste with a reliable destruction service.

Due to risks to security and health, e-waste should only be recycled in a proper recycling facility by professional recyclers. Grace Information Management offers a reliable destruction service which destroys your electronics and recycles them according to legislation. We can also issue you a certificate of destruction upon request so you know that your data has been safely and securely destroyed. For more information, get in touch with Grace today.