Pet relocations

When we move out of home, we often take the time to consider what we really need and what we can part ways with. Our pets won’t do that on their own, so we need to step in and declutter for them. Whether you’re moving from a large house to a smaller apartment, or you simply need to create more space, downsizing your pets home doesn’t have to be time consuming.

Start small

You’ve probably treated your pet to multiple toys over the years but they don’t actually need all of them. Watch and see which are their favourites and which toys they play with the most. Once you have a good idea of the toys that they won’t miss, you can go ahead and get rid of them. Pets can get bored of the same toys so keep in the habit of throwing old ones out and replacing them with the new.

Kennels big and small

Trade your large kennel for a smaller, more manageable size. Your dog will still need to have space inside, but they don’t necessarily need the largest on offer. Speaking of kennels, if your dog has multiple beds or kennels around the house, consider getting rid of a few but keep one inside and one outside.

Keep it clean

Sometimes clutter is simply a matter of mess. Keep your pet’s area tidy and neat so it doesn’t look so big and spread out. Contain their living arrangements, like their bedding, to just one part of the house instead of one in each room. It’s time now to dispose of those outgrown collars and disused leads too. If you’re not using them, there’s no point in keeping them around the house.

Storage solutions

Keep your pet food and accessories such as their lead, stored in a neat and tidy space. Not only will this help keep you organised, it will also clear the clutter and make your house seem much cleaner. You’ll also have to think about where to keep your dog wash products, cat toys and any other pet accessories you have.

Products with added bonuses

Find products that have extra bonuses such as a food box with an extra drawer below for a food bowl and hooks to hand leads and collars. Some elevated dog beds will also have a storage drawer beneath them. If you already own furniture with built in storage solutions, make use of those.