Whether it’s your extensive Moroccan cookbook collection or your framed family portraits that line the hallway, we all have things we just can’t live without. Downsizing can be a difficult process and deciding what to keep and what to part ways with can be harrowing so we’ve outlined some advice to help you approach your decluttering process methodically.

Start sorting

There are a lot of changes when you move. If you’ve called the same place home for a long time, these changes can feel a lot bigger and more heightened. Several months before the big move, start sorting through your prized possessions and making a list of essential items. This will help you in making those difficult decisions and determining what to let go of. To take the pressure off, Grace has a range of flexible storage solutions to accommodate you in the short and long term until you can finalise what will make the move with you as you downsize.

If you’re downsizing, it’s likely that you won’t need those ten large mixing bowls or your reserve of large gardening sheers. When seeking to thin out your essential items, target rooms like the kitchen and garage, keeping in mind your new home’s size and maintenance needs.


If you need a temporary solution while in transit, Grace offers short term storage solutions. As part of our comprehensive service, your moving consultant will find you a custom storage option to suit your needs. If you’re downsizing and in need of a more permanent storage solution, Grace offer flexible, convenient and secure options. Your possessions will be protected in a secure, weather-proof facility and your items will be available when you need them.

Donate Your Goods

At Grace, we work with the St Vincent de Paul Society (Vinnies) to help rehouse your good quality unwanted items and help raise funds for Australians in need. When moving with us, simply put any of your unwanted things in the ‘move house, make a difference’ carton and we’ll get them delivered to the closest Vinnies on your behalf.

Moving Checklist

Relying on your memory alone to pack and sort what you need from what you can get rid of is a risk.   To ensure you don’t leave a single essential item behind, we’ve put together a useful moving checklist.

Top tip

Draw up the dimensions of your new home and sketch in a furniture layout. Work out what furniture items will fit and what won’t.

Still not sure you have everything you need? At Grace, we understand how hard it can be to sort through your things. That’s why we’ve put together the 10 most important questions to ask yourself when decluttering. You can read the blog here.