Intelligent document analysis and automated processing

ELO DocXtractor is a module for the automated classification and processing of inbound documents and invoices. The system trains itself to learn structures and identifying features of documents so that it can analyse and evaluate the content of new documents and accurately allocate them to the correct business process. Thanks to predefined configuration models, DocXtractor can easily be adapted to meet the specific requirements of your company. Separate function blocks such as table capture, order allocation, and payment terms can be enabled for customers on an individual basis at any time. DocXtractor automatically extracts the required data, such as invoice number, gross and net amounts, or individual invoice items, from inbound invoices and compares this information with the master data in the ERP system. This enables you to transfer business documents to the relevant processes almost entirely automatically


DocXtractor at a glance

  • Automatic classification of inbound documents
  • Item-independent search on the document
  • Self-learning system
  • Complete extraction of invoice line items
  • Reads and processes multi-page documents


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