Grace underwent a brand refresh a few years ago, which meant there was a lot of existing items that were collected and put in storage because they had the old logo on them. Since then, these various items have been gathering dust while taking up valuable space in storage.

For any company, the management of corporate identity and effect brand control is essential, especially following a significant brand refresh activity. Items with old branding can’t be given to customers or our staff because we don’t want to cause any confusion on what Grace looks like in the market. It also can’t be donated. Our marketing team spoke with our friends at St. Vincent de Paul’s Society, and unfortunately the kind of items that are branded offer little re-sale value, meaning we’d just be expecting Vinnies to bear the burden, and cost, of disposing of them.

So, rather than push it off to someone else and pretend it wasn’t our problem, we loaded everything up and took it out to one of our specialist destruction facilities to visit Goliath.


Meet Goliath


Goliath is a force to be reckoned with. He is a twin shaft product and media shredder with the ability to destroy:

  • Media (CD’s, DVD’s, data tapes, backup tapes, cameras, mobile phones, USB’s, tablets and more)
  • Hard drives
  • Uniform and textiles
  • Accessories (sunglasses, shoes, jewellery, bags, wallets, etc.)
  • Promotional items including branded mugs, pens, signage, flags, hats, sports balls, etc.

In addition to hard drive and media destruction, Goliath is also happy to chew through monitors, cables, desktop phones and PC towers and servers with their hard drives removed. Ultimately, he can handle any item your throw at him. We just don’t give him anything liquid or food based, because that would be messy.

Three pallets of pens, mugs, backpacks and any number of other miscellaneous items were destroyed by Goliath. Plastics were separated for recycling, where they will eventually be melted down and reused. Paper and cardboard waste was also recycled, ensuring a minimal environmental impact.

Our marketing team enjoyed paying Goliath a visit and watching him do what he does best, destroy things!