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Grace Information Management is helping to provide the digital puzzle piece to State Super Financial Services.

In a recent Cut + Paste article published by Professional Planners, State Super Financial Services announced that they are investing $50 million into digitising the company to ensure a successful and seamless client-focused service delivery. This large investment shows how State Super have recognised that to be successful in the future they must embrace the digital age and ensure the business meets client’s digital needs. State Super have undertaken this transformation with Grace as their digitisation partners.

The article calls on the financial service industry to look beyond the current regulations and to embrace the new digital age, which enables companies to implement best practice solution and succeed well into the future. Grace Information & Records Management offers an array of digital services, dedicated to providing effective information systems safely and securely into your workplace. Our services include web-hosted storage, retrieval options that incorporate leading-edge software and state-of-the-art scanning services to ensure first-rate conversion from all traditional formats to digital.

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