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In the ever evolving digital world, record and information management is becoming increasingly digitised. Converting physical copies of paper-based archives to digital copies is a crucial part of increasing business efficiency and adaptability in the digital world. With this comes the risk of digital fatigue.

What is digital fatigue?

Digital fatigue can occur when there is a lack of clarity around the best practices to use for your business’s information management. Business owners who invested in digital intelligence tools that haven’t performed to their potential leads result in cost inefficiencies and digital fatigue.

How to prevent digital fatigue

Stay ahead of the game

Keep informed about the latest digital and technological advances to ensure your business’s digital processes are not outdated. The failure to get more out of digital investments and management tools is an issue that many companies deal with. Updating these will ensure your business make the most of their investment.

With increasing risk of security, the failure to comply with record destruction regulations and compliance is ever present. Your business can benefit from creating custom alerts within your management system so you know each and every time a document has come to the end of its lifespan.


With the constant evolution of cyber threats and risks, it’s important that your digital security is up to scratch. Don’t let outdated security slow you and your business down. Updated security will also ensure your business avoids issues with data breaches and the misplacement or mishandling of information.


Integrate your records management system with your other digital software systems to make managing them easier and more efficient. When your systems work well together, they become easier for multiple members of your team to use and understand. It also improves organisational agility by preventing duplicate records across the business.

Refresh your dashboard

Keep your dashboard and reports updated in line with your business growth and development. While your business evolves overtime, so too should your reporting. Continued improvements in your dashboard functionality will help to keep your business’s digital functionality on track.

Call in the experts

If your digital solutions are dragging your business down, call in the Information Management experts at Grace. We provide reliable and secure digital and records management solutions that are tailored to your business needs. Our integrated digital information management services efficiently manage your business’s data electronically. As a quality endorsed organisation, the security and confidentiality of your business and its records is our priority.