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Finding Information Management that Improves Your Digital Capabilities

While some sectors remain heavily reliant on paper, others such as government agencies, are under tremendous pressure to digitise. While this can dramatically improve the efficiency of information flows, it can also create challenges.

Instituting a new digital information management system may be simple, but many organisations also need to consider how decades worth of archives can be efficiently converted into a digital format. This is further complicated by a lack of clarity about the contents of existing archives and whether they need to be digitised in the first place, a lack of auditing and indexing resources, and the danger of leaving non-digital business partners behind.

The best information management companies can help organisations assess how advantageous transitioning to digital will be, then set up a plan to implement a more appropriate information workflow — from an entirely digital solution to a hybrid of digital and paper.

Existing paper archives can be rapidly scanned and made accessible digitally, with any un-scanned hard copies remaining available for on-demand scanning and rapid electronic delivery. Better indexation can also be integrated with the digitisation process, using OCR, ICR or manual data entry to capture identifying information in documents and build a comprehensive catalogue.

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