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While we haven’t yet reached the stage of a paper-less office, it seems the humble printer is slowly becoming extinct.

The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that companies are saving around 30 per cent of their total printing costs simply by reducing the number of printers.

“Where once there was a printer on every desk, a growing number of organisations are now making do with one or two per division or floor,” the article reported.

In some companies, the ratio of staff to printers has been dramatically reduced from four to one down to 20 to one.

One of the biggest ways to cut printing is through the use of electronic signatures which are widely growing in the business sector. Creating, signing, transmitting, and storing all documents electronically and in such a way as to be legally binding can seem like a daunting task, especially for small to medium-sized businesses.

Grace Information Management can help with a system that captures signatures and converts them accurately into a digital format that can be applied to all documents. This means you not only save on paper and ink cartridges, you may even be able to say goodbye to your printer forever.