Protecting your company’s data is one of the most important things to consider with digital threats to privacy ever present. These threats continue to evolve with further developments in technology. The measures for data protection will continue to evolve in order to keep up with demanding security needs, however, organisations should always tailor security solutions to their unique situation for the best protection. So, is your data future proof?

Evaluate current challenges

In order to prepare to protect your data against future threats, you must understand what challenges you’re facing now. Data growth, compliance and flat budgets are just a few of the challenges many organisations face in regards to data protection currently. Once you’ve identified the challenges that are unique to your organisation, and you have protected your data against them, you’ll be able to adapt to the changing characteristics of these challenges into the future.

Backup and fortify regularly

As data continues to grow, the risk of losing it becomes more prevalent. To protect the loss or accidental destruction of information, backing up data regularly is increasingly important. Continually fortifying the security measures your organisation uses in the fight against threats will ensure your protection into the future. As threats to digital data grow and learn, so too does security to combat these. Not updating your security software and measures can leave your data exposed to these new threats.

Assess and renew your strategies

Many organisations understand that a comprehensive information management strategy is key in the protection of data, however, few implement these effectively.  As predictions indicate that data will grow and remain valuable into the future, companies may choose to hold on to their archives for longer periods of time. This exposes the data to further risks unless an effective information management strategy can be adopted. As space will increasingly become an issue, this strategy needs to incorporate secure storage solutions.

Destroy what you no longer need

Organisations should conduct an audit of their data archives if they do not currently have reliable sentencing strategies in place. An audit will determine which data you no longer require to keep in storage. To avoid having this information fall into the wrong hands, data should be securely destroyed. Data that you choose to continue storing in archives should be catalogued and indexed to ensure it is only destroyed when necessary.

Work with a partner

No matter which threats your data will face in the future, working with a reliable information management consultant will alleviate the challenges your organisation will need to overcome. At Grace, we provide tailored and comprehensive information management solutions to protect your data now and into the future. From archive storage and digitisation of records, to secure destruction and reliable sentencing processes, we provide the services you need to protect your data for the long term. For more information on how we can protect your data, contact us.