Archive box destruction

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) has introduced a new Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme (NDBS), which came into effect on 22 February, 2018. The new scheme means organisations are now under legal obligation to notify the OAIC and affected individuals of an eligible data breach.

The new legislation applies to all entities that are currently subject to the Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988 which regulates how personal information is handled. Common examples of personal information are an individual’s name, signature, address, telephone number, date of birth, medical records, bank account details and commentary or opinion about a person.

With the new data breach scheme in place, it is important that you carefully and securely dispose of all your, or your client’s personal information. You are responsible for the information you create and hold, and failure to securely dispose of that information can lead to legal issues, reputation damage and financial loss.

Grace destruction services

At Grace, we take destruction seriously. That’s why we have a fleet of lockable trucks, specially designed to securely transport your sensitive and personal information to a government accredited destruction facility. Here, your documents, records and sensitive products are destroyed under CCTV, in accordance with government requirements and standards. All paperwork is recycled once it has been shredded.

Grace also offer both short term and permanent lockable document destruction bins in 240L and 120L sizes. There’s no need to remove staples, paperclips or small bulldog clips when disposing of documents and records in these bins. We also provide the option for scheduled or on-request collection of these bins and archive boxes from your office or warehouse. Once collected, we destroy the entire box and its content.

Grace also offer the following destruction services:

  • Archive box destruction
  • Product and clothing destruction
  • Food destruction
  • Packaging destruction
  • Toy destruction
  • Liquid destruction
  • E-waste recycling
  • Media and hard drive destruction

Don’t risk failing the Australian government’s new Notifiable Data Breaches requirements. Grace’s destruction solutions are designed to ensure the security of your sensitive information and eliminate any potential lost productivity for your business.

If you’d like more information on meeting the requirements of the new scheme, speak to our Grace Information Management team.