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Considering the extreme weather we’ve been experiencing, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services WA has published Cyclone Smart – a bulletin educating the local communities of the risks, behaviours and steps to action if affected by a cyclone.

On average, Australians experience nine to eleven cyclones each year. The Australian cyclone season runs approximately from November to April, and the Bureau of Meteorology predicts a slightly above average number of tropical cyclones for the 2020-21 season.

If one should affect your community this year, cyclones can cause disastrous effects such as death, injury and major structural damage. They cause disruption to essential services that you and your family rely on like electricity, water and gas.

Cyclone Smart outlines a three-step approach to preparing for cyclone season;

  1. Know your risk
  2. Get Prepared
  3. Stay informed

Current information on Australian Tropical Cyclone Outlook for 2020-21 published by Bureau of Meteorology can be found here.

Download the complete Cyclone Smart bulletin here