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The process of moving overseas is both an exciting and stressful experience.

A whole world of new beginnings and experiences is something most people usually look forward to, but the logistics involved in getting there can get a bit overwhelming. Throwing pets into your moving mix can be an added stress, so having someone who knows how to help arrange things for you brings peace of mind for both you and your pet. Pets, like their owners are creatures of habit; the difference being that when humans experience change in routine, they can talk about it.

Fun Fact: The pilot will know that they have pets on board their flight and adjust the temperature in their cabin to keep them comfortable.

The pet particulars

Together with our pet travel partner, Jetpets, your Grace pet relocation Specialist will put together a comprehensive door-to-door service from Australia to any corner of the globe. Working with specialist vets, we ensure that your pet is prepped and ready for the trip including vaccination against any country specific diseases before they arrive as well as giving them a preboarding health check to make sure they’re healthy and ready for adventure. Our pet travel specialists can also run you through the process, eliminating any fears about your pet’s safety or comfort.

Fun Fact: During flight, the pet’s cabin is dimly lit so that your furry friends can see what’s going on.


Itinerary management

In the context of our pet relocation specialists, ‘VIP’ has a whole new meaning. A Grace Moving Consultant will book your ‘Very Important Pet’ on the most direct flight and if need be, arrange a comfort stop along the way. We understand that there’re a lot of logistics involved in moving internationally, so we’ll even deliver your VIP directly to your door. We offer 24/7 customer service for pets in transit, so we’re always here to keep you updated on your pet’s progress.

Fun Fact: Pets hear and feel what we do in the plane, except in some cases they have more leg room.