Flexible Workplace

Creating more flexible workplaces and services with better information management

The ability to provide tailored, flexible services for clients is becoming increasingly important across all industry sectors. Companies can no longer rely on static points of difference or competitive advantage to ensure profitability in perpetuity. Savvy organisations must instead constantly heed the wishes of their customers — and their employees — in order to stay productive and competitive. Information management solutions play a big role in helping businesses maintain this flexibility, which is crucial for both attracting customers and retaining good staff.

Centralising information assets with a reputable information management provider clarifies much of the confusion that can result from ambiguous information custody within organisations. When archives are moved off-site, they can also be simultaneously audited, indexed and made searchable in responsive ICT systems, so that information can be located rapidly without the need to hunt down a particular custodian. A good information management solution can also help organisations dramatically enhance the flexibility — and quality — of their customer service. The best providers are capable of transporting and transmitting information at any time of the day or night, with electronic access systems that work on any device, can display assets in over 250 native file types, and deliver in a wide range of document formats.

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