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Many Australians are under the impression that when using a removalist, all items are covered by their existing home and content insurance, or that the removalists own insurance will cover all their goods during the packing and transportation period.  Unfortunately this is an area highly misunderstood by many and requires special attention when planning your house move.

The Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) has on many occasions declared that insurance is an important add on service that should always be considered and clarified in the early stages of planning for a relocation for all type of moves, whether local, interstate or international.

AFRA accredited removalists such as Grace Removals Group, must always meet stringent standards for equipment, vehicles, premises and staff training. Nevertheless as the department of Fair Trading points out, it is always worthwhile arranging transit insurance for your move to cover your household goods in the case of damage or loss.

There are no laws requiring removalists to provide insurance for items during transit, and although most removalist companies have insurance that covers their vehicles in the event of an accident, most do not hold any form of transit insurance. However, if a removalist business is professionally accredited, they will have additional Public Liability Insurance and are authorised to provide transit insurance for goods being moved as an optional added service.

Transit cover provides added peace of mind during your move as it insures your belongings while they are being packed and moved by removalists, including any short term storage in the course of the relocation. Additionally, if your items need to be stored for a prolonged period, you can extend your insurance cover to protect those goods during the storage period by paying an additional premium.

There are many types of insurance options available when organising your house move and it is important to discuss and clarify all your requirements with your Grace Consultant. They can then provide you with a tailored quotation that will include the necessary level of insurance you want.  To find out more about your insurance options, contact us on 1300 723 844.