value in information management

Information management and security have an important role to play in the effective security of physical and electronic information. Penalties for failing to maintain appropriate security can potentially be greater than the cost of a breach itself. A solid information management solution can have a range of benefits for your company. Become more cost-effective with your information management and security with the following considerations:


Data accuracy largely depends on the quality of input and information management solutions have an important role to play. Along with providing better indexing and cataloguing, one of the main ways that Grace Information Management help enhance the accuracy of data is through digitisation. A number of rigorous studies recommend entirely replacing written and verbal information flows with ICT-centric ones in order to minimise the chance of errors.


Interoperability refers to the compatibility of ICT systems (and the data they generate) across disparate work units. For organisations requiring absolute interoperability, Grace tailor solutions that mesh with your existing ICT interfaces, minimising the need for staff retraining, and making the documents available in wide variety of formats. This eliminates the need for conversions.


Keeping large archives in-house takes up valuable space and can also increase employee churn as it makes tasks more difficult to perform. Even a partial removal of old files can make information easier to locate, with the potential for an increase in operational efficiency. When relocating documents, Grace offers an integrated solution that combines off-site file storage with a range of other services, including dismantling and removing old shelving, cleaning, renovation, and full FF&E services, to refit the old space for a new purpose.


Time spent discovering or collecting the information necessary to properly address a client issue is also costly. While many businesses continue to bill their clients for discovery, an increasing number are choosing not to as a way to gain competitive advantage. Grace utilise indexing and cloud-based systems to make document retrieval easier and faster, saving you the trouble and expense of manually searching through archives.


In an evolving marketplace, the ability to adapt to change is crucial to business success. Information management is integral to agility, from the quality of digitisation and indexing, to the ease of retrieval and destruction. At Grace, information is collected more efficiently, stored and indexed more intelligently, retrieved and delivered more rapidly, and can be shared instantaneously. That way you can achieve more efficiency due to greater synchronicity between work units.

Hard copy

Paper still plays an important role in many industry sectors and organising hard copies efficiently, and ensuring documents are archived appropriately for compliance purposes can be challenging. Grace are equipped to complete your hard copy indexing, storage and retrieval needs. We provide fast, secure transport and archiving solutions for paper documents, with client anonymous indexing solutions that make retrieval quick and easy through intuitive ICT systems. We can also handle secure destruction of paper documents.

Trust Grace Information Management

Grace ensure data is protected using state-of-the-art security systems, both physically and digitally. Our archive storage facilities feature fire-protection systems, 24-hour surveillance, company-owned GPS-equipped vehicles, and police-vetted staff that maintain a secure chain of custody at all times. We also help by auditing files during the archiving process, then destroying obsolete information in line with the Privacy Act. This not only helps with compliance, but also dramatically reduces the ultimate cost of storage. Get in touch with your local Grace Information Management branch to discuss your information needs today.