Relocation Administration

Grace Mobility have extensive experience managing a wide range of relocation programs.

Management services include:

  • Flexible supply chain: Grace is able to incorporate clients preferred vendors into our service delivery model (e.g. International uplift removalist, preferred DSP, V&I, or tax provider)
  • Centralised and consistent policy administration: transferee relocations and their benefits are administered in line with approved policies
  • Accurate cost estimates: prior to approval of each relocation, a cost estimate is completed for approval
  • Centralised coordination of all vendors: Grace manages all relocation vendor relationships from a single initiation, including administration of benefits, exceptions, consolidated invoicing, and supplier contracts
  • Program options: budget approval vs structured policies. Program flexibility is available to manage moves via individual cost estimate approval, or against structured policies and benefit allowances
  • Decentralised business unit relationships: Grace will establish relationships with all of the relevant departments, initiation points, and decisions makers involved in the relocation program. As part of a structured implementation process, Grace will customise a training and communication plan to incorporate each of these touch points
  • Centralised cost capture and reporting: total oversight of relocation program spend with customised and flexible reporting
  • Exception management, approvals and costs: program exceptions are tracked and managed by your Mobility Specialists who are the first line of assessment in the process. You are able to maintain an arm’s length approach to exceptions, to assist in reducing out of scope costs. Exception reporting allows data based decisions to be made on program and policy development