Expense Administration

Grace Mobility provides comprehensive Expense Management services including policy compliance, vendor payments, recurring payments, employee payments, tax coding and cost tracking, expense approval and reporting. Each expense file is accessible online in real-time to create and send expense and tax reports.

Grace Expense Management platform includes the key components of managing funds and making payments:

  • Agreed funding arrangements (client funded, pre-funded / top up account, Grace funded)
  • Payroll, tax and accounts reporting
  • Track, audit and analyse compensation paid to assignees around the globe
  • Observe expense trends and policy anomalies leading to potential cost savings
  • Maintain compliance with National and International tax regulations and laws
  • Import data to payroll, accounting and tax gross-up systems

Grace Expense Management service includes:

  • International tax coding and cost tracking
  • Relocation policy compliance and expense approval
  • Pay period withholding and gross-up calculations
  • Payroll interfacing and Accounts Payable reporting
  • Management cost analysis reporting
  • Transferee and vendor payment processing
  • Year-end gross-up calculations
  • Relocation tax report and tax advisor booklet to every transferee

Grace Expense Management advantages are:

  • Acts as an extension to client departments – Relocation / Mobility, HR, Payroll and Accounts Payable
  • Provide senior management with detailed reports and analysis
  • More accurately project expenses by category for future budgeting
  • Integrated audit steps ensure accuracy
  • Grace coordinated oversight of every aspect of the relocation expense management process
  • Expense management year-end process includes client consulting regarding year-end cut-off, gross-up decisions, and year-end calculations
  • Transferees may view expenses associated with their move, send online expense reports, and print their relocation tax reports