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In offices around the country, filing cabinets sit idle covered in discoloured magnets, collecting dust.

They usually belong to somebody who has long left the company and no one dares open them for fear of being given the job of ‘sorting them out’. Inevitably as space becomes limited, they either get boxed up and sent to a records holding warehouse without being looked at, or secretly thrown in the bin by workers fed up with the musty smell.

Yet within these filing cabinets sits years of valuable corporate knowledge just waiting to be unlocked.

Converting paper records to a digital format is a great way to ensure your past and current records can be put to good use.

The benefits of converting are many, including:

  • faster retrieval of documents
  • simultaneous access to a single document
  • elimination of misfiled and misplaced paperwork
  • reduction in physical storage requirements
  • multiple back-ups of a file in case of damage
  • better security for company information
  • easier to manage and organise files
  • sending information more quickly to anywhere in the world
  • good records compliance

At Grace Information Management our leading edge scanning technology and capture software allow us to provide a first rate service converting all traditional formats to digital. In addition to your standard paper sizes, our high-speed, full-colour and monochrome scanning handles engineering drawings, architectural sketches, blueprints, sepias, detailed maps, drawings and large colour posters.

And when it’s all done, you can easily access your documents anytime, anywhere using our secure Grace ImageSilo OnDemand.

Help free your old filing cabinets and contact Grace Information Management.