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Clutter has a habit of sneaking up on you – one wayward box at a time. As our lives get busier and our families grow, so do our collection of things. The thing about clutter is that it eventually reaches breaking point and has the potential to drive you crazy. So, if your nooks and crannies and filled to the brim with stuff and things, it’s time to get your clutter under control.

Emotional Effects

If you think about what clutter does to a space – consider that it can have the same effect on your sanity. Piles of paper and unopened mail can be overwhelming and can begin to feel like an endless to-do list. The downside of clutter extends far beyond the pile of unmarked boxes; not being able to find things is frustrating, stressful and unsafe. There’s also a financial downside to not knowing what’s hiding in the garage or accidentally purchasing the same thing twice. Getting on top of your excess is the first step to a cleaner house and a calmer mind.

Classify Clutter

Knowing where to start is half the battle. Committing to controlling clutter means that things are going to get worse before they get better. Start by taking everything out of it’s box or hiding spot and start methodically working your way through your things. There’s no point putting anything back until you know what you have as opposed to what you actually need. Before opting to put something in the keep pile, make sure the item is working and that you’re not keeping multiples of things. Climbing the clutter mountain takes time, so don’t expect to get your garage back overnight.

Storage Solutions

Once you’ve decided what’s staying, you might want to consider storing your bulkier or less frequently used items in mobile self storage. Opting for self storage not only helps to break the clutter cycle, but also frees up your valuable living space. Mobile self storage is a convenient, flexible and cost effective way to keep your valuables safe and avoid clutter collecting again as well as giving you room to grow and space to enjoy.