Construction blog post
  1. Will the new solution make your documents easier to access?
    If you move to an external solution, are your files going to be more accessible? The best solutions make your documents available electronically across all your devices, and can deliver hard copies within just hours.
  2. Is the solution flexible and customisable?
    Information management systems need to be easy for everyone involved in your project to use. The best providers will help you tailor a storage solution and access system that adapts to your existing filing references, industry terminology, record-keeping practices, and more.
  3. Will the solution help all the project participants communicate better?
    A major obstacle to the efficient functioning of worksites is the lack of a “single point of truth”. Your information management solution should allow simultaneous access by multiple parties, with information updated in real time so everyone is always up to date.
  4. Will the solution help you with compliance?
    Compliance is one of the biggest concerns in the construction industry. The ideal information management solution will make relevant data instantly accessible, as well as perfectly matching your retention and sentencing schedules to your legal obligations.
  5. Will your archived and digitised information be secure?
    Your employees, business partners and clients deserve the best possible security. Your partner’s storage sites need to be equipped with fire protection systems with back-to-base intruder detection and 24-hour surveillance. Employees should also all be police-vetted. 
  6. Will the solution improve your existing archives?
    The best information management solutions will combine the relocation or digitisation of your archives with a full audit of the files within them. This will help you clarify destruction schedules, make your indexing more accurate, and eliminate redundant storage.
  7. What other services can the information management firm provide?
    You should be looking to squeeze as much value out of your information management partner as possible. The best way to do this is to ask what other services they can provide, such as commercial relocations or cleaning, and how consolidating could reduce your costs.


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