The family home is a haven for clutter that only ever seems to expand and grow with time. From kids toys to year old copies of phone books, the home is full of things we might not even notice are there. According to the 2017 Choosi Clutter Report, there is almost $60 billion worth of unused items in Australian homes and 54 per cent of Australians could fill half a room with junk alone.

Here are some of the most common clutter culprits in the family home and why you need to get rid of them.

Old mobile phones

In Australia, the most common form of clutter comes in the shape of old mobile phones. These phones are usually stored away because they have sentimental value or still contain photos and contacts that owners aren’t yet willing to part with. If you haven’t looked at your old mobile phone in the past few months, it’s probably time to move on. Mobile phones can actually help benefit the environment through the process of recycling. Help reduce e-waste and find a mobile phone recycling drop point near you.

The same goes for those old phone books you’ve stashed away in a kitchen cupboard. These can be recycled which is much more beneficial than sitting in your cupboard wasting away.

Cooking utensils

If you haven’t used the melon baller or apple corer since the first time you bought them, it’s probably time to free up that valuable kitchen drawer space. When it comes to Australian clutter culprits, holding on to utensils for their potential helpful purpose in the future is one of the main reasons we spend longer than necessary searching for things in our drawers. It’s time to get rid of those things that are simply useless and taking up valuable space.

Hotel toiletries

If you’ve ever spent the night in a hotel and brought home the complimentary shampoo and conditioner, then you’ve probably got a stash hidden away somewhere in your house. Although you might think these will come in handy in the future, often they don’t. Instead of bringing them home, use them in the hotel or leave them behind. There’s no point in bringing something home if you don’t intend to use it eventually.


If you hesitate at the thought of opening your wardrobe doors for fear of something landing on top of you, it’s time to declutter your wardrobe. According to Choosi, 11 per cent of Australians blame their household clutter on their shopaholic nature. Before you start searching for a new pair of shoes, check what you’ve already got. If you need to replace something, throw it out first before you buy something new.

How to deal with the clutter

Now that you’ve identified your common clutter culprits, it’s time to deal with the mess. Choosi identified five of the top ways to declutter your home:

  • Donating to charity
  • Throwing things away
  • Being disciplined about accumulating stuff
  • Selling or swapping stuff
  • Storage solutions

Need help with the decluttering process? Check out our helpful infographic, How to Declutter Your Home.

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