Grace Digital Office offers a wide range of options for collaboration within your company. ELO collaboration tools are integrated in the ECM system and help streamline processes by improving communication and teamwork. When the user starts ELO, the program opens to the ‘My ELO’ screen, a personalised information hub that provides a quick overview of relevant topics, documents, and pending tasks. The ELO feed is a chat-based tool that provides a great way to exchange information and documents. Users can create and comment on posts in the same way as on social media networks. The tool also allows users to start polls, mention colleagues, link to other posts, and refer to specific topics using hashtags. It is also possible to subscribe to, share, and filter relevant posts and feeds. All this and more allows you to exchange information right on the document, reduce processing times, and foster teamwork for the long term

GDO Collaboration at a glance

  • Easily exchange knowledge and ideas and solve challenges in a team
  • Improve the decision-making process and get better results
  • Use targeted, automated information management in collaborative processes Best-in-class analytics technology

You can find more information on Grace Digital Office on our GDO website.