Grace self storage

Tax time has rolled around and it’s about now that you should start looking at your office for things to rid the business of. Tax time isn’t just a great motivator to get your records in order, it’s also a great time to get your office furniture and belongings in check too. Our Sydney based self storage solutions are easy and convenient and just what you need to clear the decks and free up extra space around the office so you can kick off the new financial year in the best way possible.

Why you should consider self storage

Many businesses use self storage as an integral part of their business for everyday processes and long term solutions. With flexible rent terms and scalable sized modules, self storage gives businesses the freedom and flexibility they need to grow. Protect your assets in secure storage facilities, monitored by CCTV and free up valuable floor space around the office.

Declutter the office in time for the new financial year

Studies over the years have already shown that the workplace environment has an impact on employee’s abilities to produce high quality work, but many businesses may not always be aware of the simply solutions available to them. Business sizes fluctuate and so too does the need for furniture and equipment around the office. A storage unit is the ideal temporary and long term solution for your spare assets including cabinets, office chairs and desks. At Grace, we offer flexible storage options so you can extend or withdraw from your storage whenever you like, making it convenient and easy to keep your office environment clear of clutter.

A safe stock repository

Don’t let surplus stock take over your valuable office space. Businesses who deal with stock, especially those who work in the online retail environment, will benefit from having a safe and secure storage solution to keep their extra assets. There’s no need to pay hefty fees for keeping a warehouse replenished or making your staff feel cramped and overcrowded in their current office environment. Grace’s flexible solutions make it easy to access and add to stored stock should the need arise. Work out just how much storage space your business needs with our easy-to-use storage calculator.

Packing and loading

Our Load4U service takes care of the pick up and delivery of your furniture and possessions so you don’t have expend valuable resources to do it yourself. We also have a range of carton sizes and protective furniture pads to keep your belongings in tip top shape.

Get your office in shape and kick of the new financial year in organised style with Grace’s convenient self storage solutions in Sydney. We’ll protect your assets in secure storage facilities so you can get back to doing what you do best. For more information on our self storage services and facility, click here.