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A growing family often means a growing need for space. Renovating often means things get even more crowded before it gets better and living through it whilst juggling life, work and family can be challenging. We’ve put together a few simple strategies to help keep your kids entertained and your sanity intact.

1. Opt for optimistic

Turning your life upside down and living amongst debris isn’t exactly what most people call fun, but thankfully, it’s temporary. Kids are like sponges, so if you go into the situation with a negative attitude and expecting chaos, they’ll probably follow suit. Instead, try and frame it as an adventure, not an inconvenience. Embrace the DIY spirit by creating a designated craft zone and investing in a kids toolset to get them busy on a project of their own.  

2. Keep in routine

Planning is the missing link between DIY dream and disaster. When selecting builders and tradies, let them know you have kids so that you can come up with a schedule that works for everyone. It might be easier to do one room at a time, starting with the kids rooms as crossing these off the list early in the process will prove least disruptive to their routines. Regardless of where you sleep, try and stick to regular routines in order to keep both yours and your little one’s stress levels down.  

3. Curb kitchen crisis

Sometimes, the path of least resistance makes the most sense. Renovating a kitchen is obviously going to make cooking and cleaning harder. Keep healthy snacks that don’t require preparation on hand so you don’t have to go hunting for the hummus. Disposable crockery and cutlery is great way to keep things civilised and bypass the frustration of washing up in a dusty kitchen.  

4. Safety first  

Your family’s safety is priority number one, so before you knock anything down, make sure you assess the site for any hazardous materials. Ask your builder to check for any signs of asbestos or lead-contaminated paint and if your kids are prone to asthma, take the time to make a dust plan. There are going to be a lot of hazards, so consider putting any non-essential items in temporary self storage to keep the space clear of clutter. Baby safety gates are a great way to create exclusion zones and keep curious toddlers right out of the rubble.