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Records and information management organisation AIIM has released a whitepaper posing real strategies to manage the sea of records and information threatening to drown today’s businesses.

According to AIIM president and author of the report, John Mancini, today’s companies are gathering some incredibly important records and information, however they are often not put to good use.

“The game has changed. Information is the world’s new currency. Read just about any business publication and you will quickly conclude that how an organisation manages its information assets is now just as fundamental a source of competitive differentiation as how it manages its physical assets, its human assets, and its financial assets,” Mancini said.

At Grace Records Management (GRM), we understand how tough it can be to manage the ever-growing piles of records and information your company gathers every day.

That’s why we not only offer secure transport, storage and destruction for your physical records, but we also work closely with our sister company Grace Information Management (GIM) to offer our customers state-of-the-art solutions for converting paper records to a digital format.

Doing this is a great way to ensure your past and current records can be put to good use. Other benefits include:

  • Faster retrieval of documents
  • Simultaneous access to a single document
  • Elimination of misfiled and misplaced paperwork
  • Reduction in physical storage requirements
  • Multiple back-ups of a file in case of damage
  • Better security for company information
  • Easier to manage and organise files
  • Sending information more quickly to anywhere in the world
  • Good records compliance

Call GRM today to find out how you can manage your information assets and gain that competitive edge.