Information Management in the legal industry

Manage your business’s risk management when it comes to data and information with effective cataloguing. Risk management is an important part of record keeping and ensuring the safety and security of sensitive information. Whether this information relates to the business itself, or the clients and customer information it processes, there are a number of national and international laws and compliance regulations that govern this information and data. Cataloguing your business’s records is one of the best ways to help benefit risk management.

What is cataloguing?

Cataloguing is the process of organising and managing information to achieve efficient record keeping. Records are organised using descriptors such as the title of the record, contributors and source type to manage them in a systematic way.

Once records are properly described they can be placed into a storage system, whether digital or physical. This system can be managed by alphabetical or date order for example, and will depend on the descriptors you’ve used to catalogue your information.

How does cataloguing benefit risk management?

Cataloguing both physical and digital records provides businesses and organisations with the ability to easily store, locate and access information. When information is easily accessible, businesses can avoid issues such as duplicate records and the accidental destruction or deletion of important information, both of which are massive risks.

Businesses who are not able to quickly and easily locate and access important information may not meet compliance with legislation. Businesses may also struggle to secure their sensitive information from potential digital viruses and accidental or premature destruction of documents. This can put businesses in breach of serious legislation that is designed to protect customer and client information.

An expert opinion

At Grace, we understand how important your business integrity is, so, we provide a suite of comprehensive information management services to ensure your business meets compliance. We provide tailored cataloguing services to help manage the specific risks associated with your business and its work.

At Grace, we know that information management may not be your strong point, so we go the extra step to provide recommendations based on our expert and professional experience with more than 50 years’ experience in the industry. Our consultants will work with you to achieve the most effective form of cataloguing and information management to help your business manage its risks. Get in touch with us today to improve your risk management.