Grace Information Management Blog

It has not been three years since Grace Records Management (GRM) built its Canberra warehouse facility, and already it requires an expansion to satisfy continued business growth in this area.

The Canberra site is a state-of-the-art facility specifically designed for records storage, and includes purpose-built racking, temperature control, fire protection and 24-hour security.

GRM’s Canberra warehouse shares a facility with sister company Grace Removals. GRM takes up 3,000 square metres of under-roof space, which will be expanded to 6,000 square metres by June. Together with the Grace Removals undercover area, the total site will reach 8,000 square metres of under-roof space.

So what do all these figures mean? GRM’s Director, Michael Hyland, has crunched some numbers, to help us put the size of the new site in to perspective. He informs us that:

  • A tennis court is 260 square metres, therefore we could lay down 307 tennis courts undercover in the new Canberra site.
  • An American Grid Iron field is 5,326 square metres; we would fit 1.5 American football fields under the roof.
  • A Rugby field is 6,800 square metres, so it would also fit in with a squeeze — leaving plenty of room for the fans.
  • And as for Aussie rules, believe it or not there is no standard field size — they really do vary. Therefore, if you are an AFL lover, just take the whole 8,000 square metres of under-roof space and don’t worry about shaving off the corners like most Aussie Rules fields.

(Oh, and if you are interested in working out the cubic area of your home ground, the formula for working this out is: – 3.14 x r1 x r2.)