As Spring draws closer, so do the renovations. Here are some painless projects to bring new life to your home and a breath of fresh air to your tired, lived-in spaces.

Custom Colour

Here’s a fun way to add new life to your home: a splash of colour. This can be as simple as changing the colour of your walls, adding a feature wall, changing the colour of your front door, making some colourful cushion covers or having your sofa re-upholstered. So get creative – add some colour and welcome some new energy in.  

Charging Box

Our love affair with gadgets and electronic devices comes with a catch: those cables that can spoil the look of otherwise lovely living spaces. Why not create a specifically designed box to house, and hide, your devices while they charge? When choosing materials, consider that these devices heat up so use something sturdy. Within your box, create custom-sized charging spaces for all of your devices. Finally, build a lid with hinges to allow easy access when your phone starts ringing.

Sitting Spaces

A simple bench seat is an excellent way to create a space that was previously unusable. The front door is a prime example of a place where having a seat could be really useful. Position a bench seat inside or outside as a place to tie your shoelaces and create a space to store your footwear underneath. The garden is also a good place for a bench seat – treat yourself to a private nook to sit in, reflect and breathe in some fresh air. If you have the room, consider creating a daybed in your garden and build it a cover so you can really enjoy the outdoors.

Kitchen Convert

As interior design moves from trend to trend, kitchens tend to date quickly. Luckily, it’s relatively easy to stay up-to-date with the latest kitchen looks simply by replacing the cupboard doors. In a matter of hours, your kitchen can be transformed from country chic to modern industrial. Another painless and easy way to spice up your kitchen is to replace the sink fittings.

Declutter DIY

Just like a custom cable box can hide your cord clutter, storage solutions for individual rooms can help organise your spaces. Have a look at each room and think about how you could tidy things up. Take a good look at your rooms – do you need a simple wall-mounted shelf or a bigger built-in storage solution? With our increasingly busy lives, time is a valuable commodity and you want to maximise yours. These simple ideas are a handful of quick, painless ways to renovate and bring life back to your home.