Grace Removals Blog

The Grace Removals branches of Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne and Perth received recognition as leaders in international removals this month when they became FIDI Affiliates.

FIDI, the Federation of Internationale Demenageurs Internationaux, is the premier international removals industry association. To qualify for as a FIDI Accredited International Mover, better known as FAIM, companies must meet over 200 defined quality requirements covering both operations and services to customers, and must maintain this high level of quality at all times.

Grace Removals currently holds FAIMPlus accreditation through our Sydney branch. Only 10 per cent of the FIDI members actually attain this level, demonstrating Grace commitment quality and excellence. However, changes to the FIDI rules earlier this year required Grace to apply for branch memberships for our other capital cities.

While these branches were already operating under the strict FAIMPlus standards, becoming FIDI Affiliates will legitimise their membership and will also enable staff from these branches to access worthwhile FIDI training.

Our branches becoming FIDI Affiliates demonstrates our confidence in our ability to deliver the highest levels of service to our customers.

Darwin is expected to become a FIDI Affiliate in the near future.