Pros and Cons of a Backyard

The Australian dream of owning a house with a backyard is being impacted on due to housing affordability around the country. As our major cities continue to grow, high-density housing continues to expand, pushing detached housing with backyards further and further out. But is a backyard really worth it? Or is something like a town … Continued
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Housing Prices Tipped to Rise

Australia’s house prices are tipped to rise across the country in 2018. Melbourne’s property market is predicted to soar between seven and 12 per cent while Sydney is expected to climb between four and eight per cent. According to the SQM Research Housing Boom and Bust Report, Canberra is also expected to increase by five … Continued
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Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

Renovating the bathroom is something many homeowners do before selling their house in a bid to make a larger return on their sale. But it’s not just property owners looking to sell who renovate their bathroom. First home buyers are often left to renovate the bathroom of the property as houses that are more affordable … Continued
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A Snapshot of the Australian Workforce

The Australian Bureau of Statistics 2016 Census results have revealed the patterns and trends in the current Australian workforce. The labour force has grown from 2011 to 2016 to a total population of more than 11 million. The majority of the labour force in Australia are employed full time, which is almost double the amount … Continued
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Where do Australians Live?

Australia is such a vast country and a land of sweeping plains. Historically, most Australians have called the eastern state’s capital cities home, but with housing affordability and the cost of living on the rise, trends can change. The Australian Bureau of Statistics 2016 Census results show that at the time of the Census, 23.4 … Continued
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Why you Need Storage After Uni

Congratulations! You’ve graduated university. Before you board a plane on a celebratory holiday or start your first full time job, it’s time to sort out your living arrangements. Do you move everything into your parent’s place until you sort something out? Or do you start renting your own apartment? Either way, you’ll no longer be … Continued
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Improve Your Mobility Procurement Processes

Modern and international organisations require large and complex global mobility. Part of the mobility process is procurement. But getting that right isn’t easy. Procurement or HR departments often struggle with finding the best suited employees for global assignments but the challenges don’t end there. Procurement of supplies and resources to assist with the global mobility … Continued
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Young Australians More Likely to Move

Results from the 2016 Australian Bureau of Statistics Census show that younger Australians are more likely to move house and change their address. The results show that one-third of young Australians aged between 20 and 29 lived in a different address in 2015 compared to 2016. So where is everyone moving to? Queensland recorded the … Continued
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Vehicle Relocation Tips

Moving your car from your existing home to your new home can be a time consuming and costly task. Especially if you’re relocating interstate or to another country. Whether you’re moving a car, caravan or you have a collection of vintage mustangs you’re relocating, it’s not always as easy as getting them on a trailer … Continued
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moving kids

Pros and Cons to Moving in the School Holidays

Moving in the school holidays has its benefits and its disadvantages. If you’re thinking of packing up the house and moving over the two week break, it’s important to weigh up both the pros and cons. Of course, when you have the kids to worry about, you probably don’t have the time to do that, … Continued
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