Cherished Pets Foundation

Grace Gives Recipient 2017: Cherished Pets Foundation

Charity group Cherished Pets Foundation received one of five Grace Gives Australia grants in 2017 and have used the funds to continue to spread their message of gratitude. Cherished Pets is a unique, award-winning, social veterinary enterprise on a mission to support the companion pets of vulnerable people. The charity assists elderly and disabled pet owners … Continued
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Grace Gives Recipient 2017: The Beauty Bank

The Beauty Bank received one of five Grace Gives Australia grants in 2017. They used their grant to provide 50 people experiencing hardship and leaving a place of domestic violence with a hygiene and toiletry gift bag. Grace Information Management hosted an afternoon tea for volunteers from The Beauty Bank at the Grace Campbelltown office. Both Grace Information Management … Continued
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Information Management Security

What GDPR means for Australian Businesses?

If you’re an Australian business owner, marketer or you receive emails from international businesses, you will probably have heard of the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR by now. GDPR is the European Union (EU)’s new data protection law that came into effect on May 25th, 2018. It is a legal framework that sets guidelines … Continued
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How AI can affect Information Management

We’ve heard how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to take our jobs away, but what kind of affect is it going to have on information management? AI isn’t planning on taking a back seat to the advancements in digital information management. What’s AI doing now? AI cloud-based systems already exist in the information management world, … Continued
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The Government’s Digital Continuity 2020 Policy

The Australian Government’s Digital Continuity 2020 Policy has been created to support the digital transformation and e-governance of government documents. The digitisation of information is expected to help government agencies provide better and more efficient services to Australians. The purpose of the policy The purpose of the Digital Continuity 2020 Policy is to enable the … Continued
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Changing Your Information Management Practices

How changing your information management practices can save you thousands Despite the general proliferation of digital information management systems and cloud-based storage solutions in recent years, for many construction companies hard copy remains by far the most popular – and practical – way of working. In a study released by the IDC in 2012, Melissa … Continued
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Going digital by 2020

Going digital by 2020 doesn’t have to be slow and painful The Digital Continuity 2020 Policy is a primary driver of the Australian Government’s digitisation goals – and potentially the biggest information management challenge the public sector has ever faced. It is structured on three principles: 1) information is valued, 2) information is managed digitally, … Continued
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Premium Data Security: Finance

In an increasingly public world, data security is at a premium The OAIC Community Attitudes to Privacy survey Research Report 2013 found that 49% of Australians are most reluctant to share their financial information – with the top four (71%) reasons for reluctance to share all types of information being privacy or security related. With … Continued
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