Choose Grace for Information Management

Why Choose Grace as Your Information Management Partner? With more than 50 years in the business, Grace is uniquely qualified to deliver excellence in information management. Grace provides solutions for the full range of manufacturing sector information management requirements, from storage and indexing to retrieval and destruction. Here are the advantages your business will enjoy … Continued
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Information accessibility

Get Next-Level Accessibility

Get Next-Level Accessibility with the Best Information Management Solutions Information accessibility refers to how easily and equally information assets are available to all participants in a project. Accessibility is influenced by a range of co-factors, including speed and connectivity. In heavily paper-reliant industries like construction, while hard copies are crucial for in-person collaboration, they can … Continued
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Paper based workflows

Supporting Paper-Based Workflows

Finding an Information Management Solution That Supports Paper-Based Workflows Even in our era of always-on connectivity and versatile electronic devices, paper still plays an important role in many industry sectors. Lawyers, for example, still require wet signatures on contracts, while in construction paper remains the most efficient way to visualise and collaborate on project designs. … Continued
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security of data

Improving Your Digital Capabilities

Finding Information Management that Improves Your Digital Capabilities While some sectors remain heavily reliant on paper, others such as government agencies, are under tremendous pressure to digitise. While this can dramatically improve the efficiency of information flows, it can also create challenges. Instituting a new digital information management system may be simple, but many organisations … Continued
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improving connectivity

Improving Connectivity with Information Management

Improving Connectivity with Smart Information Management Solutions In an increasingly globalised business environment, always-on connectivity has become an indispensable capability. It is especially important in sectors like finance where work units across the world must be able to concurrently access the same information assets. In healthcare, also, connectivity affects whether information is updated in real-time … Continued
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Enhancing information management for flexibility

Enhancing Information Management

Enhancing Information Management for Greater Working Flexibility The ability to provide tailored, flexible services for clients is becoming increasingly important across all industry sectors. Companies can no longer rely on static points of difference or competitive advantage to ensure profitability in perpetuity. Savvy organisations must instead constantly heed the wishes of their customers — and … Continued
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paper based information management

Benefits of Paper-Based Information Management

Even in our era of always-on connectivity and versatile electronic devices, paper still plays an indispensable role in many industry sectors. Many organisations can find themselves in need of information management solutions that retain solid support for hard-copy indexing, retrieval and archiving — as well as the flexibility to digitise data on demand. While paper-based businesses … Continued
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Privacy Information Management

Evolving Privacy Concerns

Evolving Privacy Concerns and the Role of Information Management In recent years, privacy has become vitally important across all industry sectors, but especially so for those dealing with large amounts of personal data. After numerous high-profile data breaches in government agencies, a guarantee of privacy-conscious information management is crucial for restoring and maintaining public trust. … Continued
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value in information management

Unexpected Value in Information Management

Many organisations avoid information management providers completely because they have limited money to spend on non-core services. Others may engage a third-party information management solution but not know how to make the most of the money they are spending on it. Organisations will often engage multiple service providers for everything from cleaning and office relocations … Continued
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