How to Rent Your Room on Airbnb

Renting your room on Airbnb is a great way to earn extra money while you’re away from home, or if you simply have a spare room to rent out. But renting out your spare room on Airbnb isn’t as straight forward as you might think. Here’s our guide to renting out your spare room. Clear … Continued
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Make Your Home More Spacious

Often family homes can fill to the rafters with clutter from years of collecting things. And although we promise to do some spring cleaning each year, it’s not long before the house is overrun. An Australia Institute study found that of the 1,000 houses surveyed, 90 per cent had at least one cluttered room in … Continued
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Open office

Millennials are Driving Office Changes

Fundamental shifts in office buildings are taking place thanks to the youngest demographic they employ, the millennials. With a growing need to employee from the younger generation, companies around the world are making the effort to ensure their office provides what millennials are looking for. According to the Governance Studies at Brookings report, How Millennials … Continued
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More Australians Driving to Work

According to the 2016 Census results published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more Australians are now opting to drive to work. Driving has long been the most popular method of getting to and from work, but the figures have increased in the last five years with 69 per cent of the working population of … Continued
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Healthcare is Australia’s Largest Industry

According to the 2016 Census results, conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), healthcare is Australia’s largest industry. The industry incorporates many health care and social assistance sectors such as hospitals and aged and child care. As an industry, healthcare makes up 12.6 per cent of Australia’s working population. That’s an increase of one … Continued
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street art

Australia’s Changing Street Art

Australia is home to some of the vastest galleries of art, and they’re not all hanging on museum walls or being kept in storage. Spanning thousands of years, Australian art dates back to when Indigenous Australians used the environment to create art. Descriptive cave drawings can still be seen today, standing the test of time. … Continued
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Sydney to be Divided into Three Cities by 2056

The New South Wales government has announced a strategy to divide Sydney into three separate cities by the year 2056. The 40-year strategy will see Sydney split into Eastern, Central and Western –  a harbour-city, a riverside city surrounding Parramatta and a parklands city to the west of the M7. Head of the Greater Sydney … Continued
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5 of the Best Offices Around the World

Creativity and technology are helping to reshape office spaces around the world. But what is it that creates the best office space? Is it access to world-class technology and interactive meeting rooms or is it the added comforts in the lunch room that make all the difference? Here are five of the best offices around … Continued
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Wi-Fi a Must in Hotels

Wi-Fi for guests in a hotel is no longer a luxury, but a necessity as competition in the hotel sector increases. When choosing holiday accommodation, guests consider free and high quality Wi-Fi an essential. In many hotels, charges for internet access still exist but most major brands have now done away with them. International hotel … Continued
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employee mobility overseas

Returning Home from a Global Assignment

In today’s globalised world, sending professionals abroad helps give companies a competitive edge. International assignments aren’t easy and global mobility programs certainly require a lot of fine tuning and updating. The Harvard Business Review studied the management of expats at more than 750 companies in the US, Europe and Japan. The study found that between … Continued
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