Environmentally sustainable

Environmentally Sustainable Office Solutions

Now more than ever modern businesses are becoming more conscious about their impact on the environment and what they can change around the office to help do their part. Making your office environmentally sustainable is a great place to start. Here are some office solutions to help you achieve an environmentally friendly workplace. Manage waste … Continued
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The Most Common Ways to Sell your Home in Australia

In Australia there are three popular and very different ways to sell your home. Before choosing a method, it’s always recommended that you listen to what your real estate agent recommends as they have a clear understanding of the current market and how to get the best return. Auction might be the quickest way to … Continued
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Open office

The Rise of Flexible Workstations

The corporate world is increasingly embracing flexible working stations in a move to make employee’s work environment one they can thrive in. Contemporary life in Australia now requires long periods of sitting down, whether it’s at work or on the commute to and from work. The issues surrounding such a sedentary lifestyle is the subject … Continued
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Selling Houses Australia Bendigo

Behind the Scenes Look at Grace on Selling Houses Australia

Grace is a proud supplier of removals services to Selling Houses Australia, exclusive to the Lifestyle Channel. Our removals services were used in five episodes of Series 11. One of those episodes was filmed in Bendigo where the Grace Removals’ Melbourne branch coordinated a complex move with less than one week’s notice. The episode featured … Continued
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Your Home Office May be Tax Deductible

Working from home? Your home office might be tax deductible. With the end of yet another financial year, many of us are starting to pull together the important documents and files you need to complete your tax return. When it comes to what you can claim, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) outlines strict regulations. Claiming … Continued
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Information Management in the legal industry

Cataloguing Information is Beneficial for Risk Management

Manage your business’s risk management when it comes to data and information with effective cataloguing. Risk management is an important part of record keeping and ensuring the safety and security of sensitive information. Whether this information relates to the business itself, or the clients and customer information it processes, there are a number of national … Continued
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What is eHealth?

Although it sounds like a buzzword that the media has chosen to run with, eHealth has a very real purpose in Australia. In NSW, the eHealth system was established to provide state-wide leadership on the shape, delivery and management of ICT-led healthcare. The system makes it possible for healthcare practitioners to access online health information … Continued
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Pros and Cons of Moving to Perth

Since housing prices in Sydney and Melbourne have grown to unachievable proportions for first home buyers, many have turned to Perth for reprieve. From beautiful sunny weather to stunning scenery, Perth could be the best Australian city for you to call your next home. Pros The weather If you’re not a fan of winter, Perth … Continued
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Art Transport

How to Pack and Store a Painting

Although you want to showcase your fine art by hanging it on the wall, sometimes circumstances require you to pack and move paintings. Whether you’re renovating the house or you’re moving home, your painting may need to be placed into storage or packed for transport, two risky circumstances you hadn’t planned on. Fine art is … Continued
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How to Familiarise Yourself with a New Suburb

When you move to a new city, you’ll find yourself wanting to become a local as soon as possible to make the most of your new home and settle in sooner. Without knowing where to start, becoming familiar with your new suburb can be difficult. We’ve done the research to put together our top tips … Continued
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