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Big data was the Information Technology buzz word of 2012 but it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon.

The term is about to become more mainstream and many companies could find themselves lagging behind their competitors if they don’t develop a big data strategy.

A recently released Gartner report, titled “Predicts 2013: Big Data and Information Infrastructure”’, asserts that in order to stay competitive, companies should already have data plans in place and expert staff on payroll.

But what is ‘big data’?

According to IBM, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day.

“This data comes from everywhere: from sensors used to gather climate information, posts to social media sites, digital pictures and videos posted online, transaction records of online purchases, and from cell phone GPS signals to name a few. This data is big data,” IBM explains.

When experts talk about big data, they usually refer to the 3Vs.

  • Variety – Big data extends beyond structured data, including unstructured data of all varieties: text, audio, video, click streams, log files and more.
  • Velocity – Often time-sensitive, big data must be used as it is streaming in to the enterprise in order to maximize its value to the business.
  • Volume – Big data comes in one size: large. Enterprises are awash with data, easily amassing terabytes and even petabytes of information.

So how can Grace Information Management help?

Grace ImageSilo on Demand is a massive, off-site, ultra-secure online document and content management system specifically designed to facilitate the management and flow of company information for organisations of any size, without any capital expense or increased administrative burden.

Grace ImageSilo on Demand allows you to easily retrieve and deliver any part of that information – anywhere in the world – in an instant. Plus backup power sources and redundant high-speed data lines mean no interruption in service or accessibility.

Grace ImageSilo on Demand supports viewing of over 250 file types, from graphics to word processing to presentations. CAD drawings, spreadsheets, scanned pages and Adobe® PDF files can be seamlessly viewed as one contiguous document. By providing powerful check-in/check-out and versioning controls, ImageSilo ensures that users are working on the latest, most accurate version. Email, fax and print are supported, as are migration tools for data portability.