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Moving in the chilly season brings its own challenges and charms. Thinking ahead can ensure you and your family stay warm and make it a more cosy experience.We’ve put together four actions you can take to keep warm when you’re moving during the mercury minimum.


Get Connected

If there’s one task you don’t want to forget, it’s this one. Make sure your gas, power and water are up and running before moving day. The days are shorter and darker in winter and while candlelight can be romantic, it’s a treat best reserved for baths and ambience, not electricity and warmth. Services like Connect Now and Direct Connect can arrange connection of all your utilities in the one place, saving you precious time.

Top Tip: Refer to our moving checklist to better plan your move.

Pack Smart

Mother nature might have other plans for moving day, so if you find yourself facing a less than favourable forecast, there are things you can do to beat the rain and it all starts with packing. Even if you can’t control the weather, you can control the condition of your items by using quality moving and packing materials. From the outside, packing tape and boxes look the same, but on a rainy day, the difference can see you end up with dry books or paper mâché. Our team of professional removalists use specifically designed boxes for moving as well as heavy duty protective materials to keep your goods safe and dry.

Top Tip: Always opt for old bed sheets on the floor instead of plastic drop sheets as they can get slippery when its raining. 

Be Prepared

The first night in your new house can be both exciting and overwhelming. To ease the transition and guarantee a good night’s sleep, keep your winter warms in an easy to reach go-bag. Pack doonas, heaters and spare blankets separately to the rest of your items and make sure your box of cosy comfort is labelled and easy to find. You’ll probably be too busy to notice the cold during the day but if you dress smartly and layer where possible, you’ll be covered when the cold creeps in.

Top Tip: Keep the kettle and hot water bottle handy for a toasty treat.

Weatherproof Trucks

By the time you find out if your moving truck is waterproof, it’s usually too late. It’s a question many movers rarely think to ask when choosing a mover based on price. Give yourself peace of mind when moving and always opt for quality. Our removalists are expertly trained and our fleet of trucks are clean, dry and well maintained. There’s a reason we’ve got one of the lowest incident claim rates in the industry.